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REMOTE MANAGEMENT TRAINING Learn how to manage your team effectively from anywhere WORK FROM HOME EFFECTIVELY Learn to collaborate both offline and online ATTEND REMOTE SESSIONS Attend online events and learn from the coaches


Remote  E-Learning

Learn how to work from home productively with experts from all around the world

Remote Training

Train your team to sustain productive remote work during and after Covid-19

Remote Coaching

Manage your remote team with expertise provided by our international certified coaches

CoX Co.

Transform your team to sustain remote work during and after Covid-19

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About Us

CoXplore Co. is a remote company that provide remote management training and coaching services to businesses in Asia.

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X-Academy is an e-course learning service platform brought to you by CoXplore. We provide courses focused on soft skills, self improvements, remote management, public speaking and many more.

Our e-courses are available for signup directly through our web page. You can go directly to the X-Academy page from our menu bar and choose your desired course. Click on the course you want to enroll and proceed to the payment page from the course description page. Once payment have been confirmed, you will received a notification to join into the classroom of your course.

For our online events a.k.a remote training sessions you will be able to join various webinars from remote experts that we are working with. Join the sessions online on Zoom from wherever in the world you are. We also provide some offline training events depending on the course policy and location of both students and instructor. Some events are usually bundled with courses we provide and some are independent event where you can register directly through our social media or through our x-Academy page. 

To request more information about a remote training for your team or coaching session for individuals, you can contact us through the Contact page in the menu bar or through our social media platforms on the bottom of the page. If you are currently leading a remote team or are interested in doing so, we will provide different educational resources, webinars and a platform to find new team members.

Our Goal is to provide you with the best remote management and self improvement course that are right for you. If X-Academy is not for you or you would like to switch to another course, contact us within 30 days and we will offer you a refund with transaction fee deducted.

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