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About the company.

What we do

CoXplore is a remote management service provider, with the vision to empower global remote work anywhere.

Start by learning how to sustain productive remote work by joining e-courses instructed by our top coaches and trainers around Asia-Pacific, with decades of expertise and experiences on remote work.

Services we provide:

  • Remote management: Training, coaching, consulting packages for productive remote business management
  • Remote Coworking: coworking spaces, conference rooms, virtual office registration
  • Remote Retreat: concierge travel agency services for teams and group travelers


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The best platform to share your knowledge and enhance learning.

-An Instructor

Our Team

We work with coaches, trainers and consultants around the world.

Ngan Tran, Senior Consultant

Manish Vivien Amanna, Leadership Coach


Jason Lusk, Online Business Consultant

Ly Tran, Senior Consultant

Why Choose Us

We are partnering with 100+ hospitality partners across 10 countries in Asia-Pacific in order to provide the best values to businesses and individuals.

Officially established in Vietnam in 2019, CoXplore is funded by the Ministry of Science & Technology.

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We want to empower remote work by simplifying remote team management.

We want to change the world by transforming lifestyles through technology.

We believe remote work is the future of work.

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